TornadoVM, ground-breaking software framework from The University of Manchester, has been accepted into the newest cohort of Innovation-to-Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe), a programme open to universities across the UK to support research and technology development

ICURe is a 4-month online programme funded by Innovate UK, designed to train and support university research teams to help develop their product or service.

The training programme is dedicated to customer discovery, to help teams get the most out of their potential customers. Training includes an intensive 4-day online bootcamp in which teams will develop hypothetical business models and learn how best to pitch their technology to customers, and throughout the entire 4-month programme teams will receive a weekly 1-hour coaching clinic.

Each team that completes the programme receives up to £30,000 in funding, with the chance to apply for up to £300,000 of further funding from Innovate UK.

TornadoVM offers real time acceleration of high level programming languages such as Java on a variety of hardware such as CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs without changing the source code.

For more information on TornadoVM, please click here, or contact:

Erol-Valeriu Chioasca
+44 (0)161 606 7243 (office)*
+44 (0)7760 551 355 (mobile)

*As a result of lockdown related to Covid-19, office landline numbers are not currently being monitored. Therefore, please email or phone an alternative number, where possible.