This innovative technology offers a green solution to the plastic industry through the development of never-been-done-before materials

Unique environmentally-friendly plastics that can replace their petroleum-based polymer brethren sounds like the miracle product for a world that is more eco-conscious than ever, but The University of Manchester has made it a reality.

This new series of thermoplastic composites promises to be a breakthrough in eco-friendly solutions for the plastics industry, bringing a biodegradable solution to the materials market.

A pile of many black and translucent shards of biodegradable plastic.

As proof of the superiority of this innovative thermoplastic over older polymer, it uses less material for the same performance, with excellent strength to weight ratio, competitive to synthetic short fibre thermoplastic composites.

As well as being much more efficient, the material is also much more stable than bio-based materials and is suitable for much broader applications across a greater range of temperatures.

The material’s unique stability goes hand-in-hand with its excellent ability to be tailored to any number of manufacturing processes, and can be easily used by traditional composite component manufacturing.

There are a myriad of applications that this ground-breaking technology can have on the plastics industry, including forever changing the development of automotive components, consumer goods and appliances, packaging, furniture, and sports equipment.