Riptron is developing a low cost, chip-based gas sensor to monitor harmful gases in our cities and homes

With an increasing awareness of pollution and air quality, there has never been a greater drive to ensure the air we breathe is as clean as possible. Riptron Ltd is a provider of solid-state gas sensor solutions. They were set-up to design and manufacture gas sensor microchip products for air quality monitoring applications.

Using a graphene-based membrane, Riptron-produced sensors can give continuous readings of the quality of air in an area. The sensors are suitable indoor air quality monitoring, such as to ensure workplace safety, and monitor residential buildings and issue certifications, as well as outdoor monitoring.

Riptron sensors can be to be deployed over a large-area network, through being attached to streetlight modules, to monitor air quality over an entire city. This would also enable the monitoring of industrial manufacturing site emissions.

Riptron sensors are also designed to bring air quality monitoring functionality to smartwatches and fitness tracking devices, allowing personal monitoring through consumer electronics.

The graphene-based membranes used by Riptron allow 100% of the material volume to be exposed to its surroundings. This also results in a sensor that is sensitive to charge transfer, as absorbed gas molecules alter membrane resistance. Finally, the sensors have low electrical noise in comparison to amorphous metal oxide thin films.

Riptron is currently generating a product technical data sheet and we are looking for expressions of interest from prospective customers and input on target specifications.