The Data Value Factory is a spin-out that has created software to automate many of the previously manual aspects of preparing data for analysis, reducing time to insight



Data Scientists are employed to obtain insights from data. However, surveys report they spend 80% of their time preparing data for analysis, rather than analysing and interpreting the results. Our Data Preparer software takes on lots of heavy lifting.

Preparing data for analysis is time-consuming because it involves several steps, each of which requires both skill and detailed repetitive work. Existing tools provide languages and components for configuring these steps but deciding what to do and how to encode it is left to the user.

Our Data Preparer software provides intelligent automation of the laborious data preparation process. By commercialising innovative techniques developed in a £1.8M research project, our software explores different ways that data sources can be combined, and reformats data to increase consistency. Data Preparer also captures provenance, so it is clear how every result has been produced, and responds to feedback when refining automated results.

Dr Nikolaos Konstantinou, co-founder

Prof. Norman Patton, co-founder

Features of Data Preparer

• Hands-off data preparation: no programming or hand-crafting of rules.
• Data integration: combines data from multiple collections.
• Format transformation: reformats attribute values to match examples.
• Data repair: corrects omissions.
• Explanation: all decisions made by the software are visible.
• Steering: the decisions made by the software can be revised.
• Provenance: results are annotated with how they were produced.
• Interfaces: interactive and command line.
• Connectivity: the ability to read from and write in a variety of formats and systems.

Data Preparer can be applied to a wide range of applications; videos on our website show Data Preparer in use with Open Government, Customer, Retail and Employee case studies.


Data Preparer can be obtained from our website, including a version for free trial, as well as from the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure marketplaces.