The University of Manchester have developed a novel approach to noise control, able to decimate decibels and provide unparalleled silence

This unique approach to noise cancellation offers compact and lightweight sound attenuation for any commercial system. The team’s patented internal microstructures can be tailored for specific application areas and frequency ranges, while occupying a fraction of the space of industry standard attenuators.

In conventional systems, the size of the resonator is dictated by the sound to be attenuated, with lower tones requiring larger systems. However, The University of Manchester are able to build significantly smaller resonators for low frequency sound attenuation in tighter spaces, exploiting highly specific internal microstructures to manipulate wave speed.


Using optimisation software, the team can work to develop resonator microstructures that are tailored to a partners’ specific systems and configurations. These resonators allow for flexible manufacturing using a range of techniques, with solutions able to be 3D printed or injection moulded for production at scale.

The team are currently seeking opportunities for joint development, partnership, and licensing.

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