The University of Manchester has hopes to change child vision tests with novel software, which is quite the spectacle

There is currently no perimeter testing device on the market that is designed to assess the visual field of children or adults with learning difficulties. Currently children are assessed in machines designed for adults or via clinical exam, both methods are inaccurate and lead to defects being missed or misdiagnosis. The inability to reliably assess children’s field of vision can have serious consequences and in the worst cases result in permanent blindness and even death from conditions such as glaucoma, epilepsy, brain tumours and optical glioma.

Caspar’s Castle is a new piece of software designed at The University of Manchester to turn paediatric perimetry testing into a game that children enjoy playing whilst the relevant data is collected on their visual field. The game involves destroying monsters at the edge of the screen (periphery of vision) whilst ensuring that the main character remains safe from the central monsters that are designed to keep the focus on the centre of the screen.

Caspars Castle digital game