SMEs are invited to attend the launch of the Innovation Catalysts scheme.

The webinar will introduce SMEs to the Innovation Catalysts and provide further information on how they can secure innovation vouchers and post-doctoral research assistant support as part of the ERDF R&I Health Accelerator programme.

The scheme is available to companies who are engaged in the R&I Health Accelerator programme and will provide them with the opportunity to claim innovation vouchers of 24 x £2,499 and follow on vouchers of 5 x £20,000 to support collaborative projects with a research institution. In addition, there will be an opportunity to apply for post-doctoral research assistant (PDRA) support up to £20,000 from The University of Manchester, including access to facilities.

By attending this event, you will hear from key members of the programme at Health Innovation Manchester who will explain how to apply for the innovation vouchers and how they can be used to support the progress of your innovation towards adoption and commercialisation. Our colleagues from the University of Manchester will also outline how you can apply for PDRA support and access university facilities. In addition, there will be case-study examples from local SMEs who have received similar funding and PDRA support to help the development of an innovative healthcare product or service and be on hand to answer questions that you may have.

The event will take place online on Wednesday 22nd September, 12:30-14:00 via Zoom and is open to all SMEs who are either already enrolled or interested in applying for the ERDF R&I Health Accelerator. It is also open to colleagues at Greater Manchester research institutions.  You can register for the webinar online here. 

Find out more about the Innovation Catalysts scheme and ERDF R&I Health Accelerator below.

Innovation Catalysts

SMEs will be able to access three collaborative support mechanisms:

• Small innovation vouchers of £2,499 will be able to support market insights, contract research services, clinical and applied health research advice, expertise in NICE processes, where this would support progress towards adoption and commercialisation – including the design of follow-on collaborative projects.

• Follow-on vouchers of £20,000 will support more substantial developments, wholly or partially funding collaborative projects to progress towards key adoption and commercialisation milestones.

• Projects co-developed with University of Manchester academics to move innovative products or services closer to adoption, supported by 4-5 months of researcher time and access to University facilities.

ERDF R&I Health Accelerator

The project invites SMEs to collaborate with Greater Manchester’s research and innovation institutions to accelerate development and improve commercialisation of innovative healthcare products and services within life sciences. SMEs can access expertise and support including information about navigating the health and care system, developing value propositions, ethics & regulatory advice, and access to university-wide expertise.

If you are not already enrolled in the programme, you can find out more here and register for the webinar here.