Driving the commercialisation of the University’s innovations and intellectual property

Our core mission is to use the IP developed at the University of Manchester to create positive social, economic and environmental impact.

The Innovation Factory works with academic and student inventors to identify research that has the potential to create value. It then translates these into a form where they can be used to benefit society as a whole.

Access to innovations may be created via technology licensing or the formation of new spinout companies. The Innovation Factory aims to provide a world class service to academic colleagues as well as industry; entrepreneurs; licensees; VC & angel investors and corporate venturing partners.

The Innovation Factory aims to have a truly global reach and, with the scale and quality of research taking place at The University of Manchester, it has the ambition to be one of the world’s most effective Technology Transfer organisations.

The Innovation Factory believes that having a diverse workforce makes it a stronger and more capable organisation.

We are committed to encouraging and supporting academic and student entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds who want to create new companies and develop new, high-impact IP.

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