Grafine Ltd are maximising the performance of elastomers using a range of 2D materials, including Graphene

With cutting-edge technology, the business’s mission is to design and develop any number of products with nanomaterials. Picture standard elastomers like rubber, elastics, and other soft materials enhanced with graphene-based nanomaterials to create innovative high-performance products the likes of which the world has never seen.

Maria Illiut, CTO & Founder.

The founders of the business are at the forefront of research in this area and have expert knowledge both of the development of these graphene nanotechnologies as well as its applications in the manufacturing of other products.


Coloured graphene-enhanced elastomers.

The performance of elastomers can be enhanced with nanomaterials.

Evidently, the list of uses that these enhanced materials have just stretches and stretches on as though it were made by Grafine Ltd itself. Grafine offers manufacturing companies around the world custom development services, so that others can utilise their technical expertise and enhance their own products with nanomaterials. As such, Grafine is a global technology solutions provider like no other to the elastomer materials and product sector.