Based on scientific research from clinical trials, Keep on Keep up (KOKU) provides tailored exercises and evidence-based games which can be easily completed independently at home, by older adults, ensuring they improve their strength and balance.

KOKU’s simple exercises improve mobility and bone health which in turn reduces the likelihood of falls. KOKU also improves health literacy increasing awareness of how to stay safe in the home. While in previous years it might have been difficult for older people to feel comfortable using the app, KOKU has developed this app by working with those in this age group who have become more tech-savvy during the pandemic. Internet use and video calling have surged in the older 65s as they have found ways to stay connected with loved ones during the pandemic meaning that they will be much more confident when using the KOKU app.

Research to date includes multiple phases of testing and development with older adults and healthcare professionals. The strength and balance exercises are based on the evidence-based OTAGO/FaME exercise programmes specifically developed to improve function and prevent falls.

Users can feel assured that KOKU is safe to use as NHS Digital has assessed the platform and certified it as DCB0160 and DCB0129 compliant and of low risk to users.