How does it work?


An inventor’s first step to commercialisation is invention disclosure the University of Manchester Innovation Factory. This is an important step that will allow us to initially assess the interest in commercialisation from both the inventor’s and the University’s perspective, and then move on to provide a comprehensive roadmap and assistance for the route ahead.

When considering invention disclosure, it is key to recognise the importance of confidentiality, prior to the disclosure. Is the invention in the public domain? Has the work been talked about at conferences? Has it been published on a poster, in a paper or in a thesis?

It is also important to consider what commercial or social value your invention may carry? If in doubt it is still worthwhile engaging with us to discuss your invention and its potential commercial /social value.

To initiate the process, in the first instance, please contact us through the website or by contacting one of the project managers that cover your subject area directly by phone or email.

One of our project managers will set up an initial meeting to discuss the invention and will talk you through the process beyond disclosure. They will also fully brief you on what is required from you as the inventor/s during the process. This will include, ensuring you have kept records of all work to date, for example in a lab book. This will become increasingly important during the process.

For specific queries around the University’s IP Policy, commercialisation process or an invention’s impact potential, please contact us directly:

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