The upcoming workshop on Social Projects and Professional Support for Social Enterprises, Aspect Innovation Fellows Programme, will be held on Wednesday, 30 June 2021.

The workshop is being held by Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester and the Masood Enterprise Centre.

Six computer science students have helped make the ‘Track and Trace” identity-less, and will be highlighted during the Imago project showcase.  Imago is a student software company at UoM, which the Innovation Factory proudly supports. 

The event includes the following topics:

10am-11am        Showcase Projects

10:00-10:20   Digitizing Indian Textile Supply Chains for Homeworkers (with Traidcraft Exchange, Incudeas funded by Turing/Gate)

Rohan Preece, Business and Human Rights Manager, Tradecraft Exchange India

Nicky Hickman, Incudeas, Sovrin Trust Framework

10:20-10:40   Identity-less covid track and trace (with Soteria Institute and Imago)

Ingy Abdelhalim, Imago, University of Manchester

10:40-11:00   Vein-ID covid digital passport (funded by Innovate UK)

Simon Binns, Chief marketing Officer, Sthaler-Fingo

11am-4pm          Professional Support for Social Enterprises

11am-12pm        Chris Oxley, Partner, UHY Hacker Young Chartered Accountants (Accounts for small charity and government contract audit, VAT, and other tax matters)

12pm-1pm          Michael Harrison, European Patent and Chartered Trademark Attorney (Patent infringement, defend and strategy)

1pm-2pm            Lunch break 

2pm-3pm            Chris Willis Pickup, Head of Charities and Social Ventures at Taylor Vinters (Charitable purposes as defined by the high court, and the operation of charity)

3pm-4pm            James Boyle, Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Taylor Vinters (Managing privacy and data, risk and compliance for a tech-based charity)

Dr Ser-Huang Poon, Innovation Fellow
Professor, AMBS, University of Manchester
Founder and Trustee of Enduring Net (UK) Ltd
Turing Fellow, Alan Turing Institute