Pawel Piotrowicz (UK and European Patent Attorney, Venner Shipley) discusses the why, how and when with regards to protecting your intellectual property in Computer Science.

Our Business Analytics Manager for Science and Engineering, Aldo Segura, arranged for Patent Attorney, Pawel Piotrovicz (Venner Shipley), to give a talk to the Department of Computer Science on the ways in which IPRs can help stabilise and protect an idea prior to commercialisation.

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The session provided an overview of intellectual property rights (IPRs), the role that IPRs play in commercialisation and the questions computer scientists should ask when considering how to protect the outputs of their research. After covering the blend of IPRs applicable to Computer Science (copyright, patent), Pawel spoke to us on the importance of being IP smart and the patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions.


You can read more on Intellectual Property Rights here. Please see below for a visual of the pre-filing process.

Pre-filing process | University of Manchester - Innovation Factory

We will be holding more events like this across the faculties, but if you have any questions (Computer Science or otherwise) then please get in touch with the Innovation Factory: