Introducing MATcelerate Zero: Accelerating Carbon Net-Zero Through Advanced Materials

In a groundbreaking partnership, the University of Manchester Innovation Factory has joined forces with esteemed institutions such as the University of Bristol, Bristol Innovations, University of Cambridge Enterprise, Imperial College London, UCLB, Oxford University Innovation, and the University of Oxford to establish MATcelerate Zero.

What is MATcelerate Zero?

MATcelerate Zero stands as a dynamic collaboration between leading materials research universities and cutting-edge companies, all under the auspices of the Henry Royce Institute—the UK’s National Institute for Advanced Materials.

Key Focus Areas:

Dedicated to the development and utilisation of new materials, MATcelerate Zero has a primary mission: achieving carbon net-zero and facilitating the energy transition. This innovative initiative serves as a crucial vehicle, empowering industries to meet the growing demand for climate solutions, a market valued at over £100 billion in Europe and doubling annually since 2020.

Energy Generation & Storage Materials:

  • Nano composites
  • Lithium sulphur
  • Niobium tungsten oxide

Materials for Ammonia & Hydrogen Production:

    • Catalysts
    • Fuel cells
    • Membranes
    • Solid-state electrolytes

2D Materials for Next-Generation Electronic Devices:

  • Hexagonal boron nitride
  • Molybdenum disulphide
  • Graphene

Low-Embodied-Carbon Construction Materials:

  • Green cement
  • Biomimetic materials

Bio-Based Carbon Fibres:

  • Graphene
  • Cellulose
  • Lignin

Carbon Capture Technologies:

  • Chemical looping
  • Biomass fuels
  • Metal-organic frameworks


Key Benefits of the Partnership Model


  • Brings breakthrough technology and industry users together to define essential proof points for successful translation
  • Removes time between key development stages from lab to market
  • Combines expertise in specifying and delivering industry-focused demonstrator projects


  • Focus on removing technology integration and scale-up uncertainties

Market focus

  • Provides market ‘pull’, industry expertise and supply chain ‘buy-in’

Why MATcelerate Zero Matters:

By harnessing the collective expertise of the leading institutions, MATcelerate Zero aims to be at the forefront of technological advancements. This collaborative effort signifies a commitment to driving innovation in materials research, fostering sustainability, and meeting the pressing challenges of our time.

Benefits to Industrial Partners

  • Early access to technology from leading research universities with
    budgets >£2B /annum
  • Active role in Investment Committee and project approval/
  • Rapid, focused and externally resourced
    development processes
  • Licensing option rights and spin-out
Engineer Standing and looking back The plastic bottle in the recycling industry

Collaborate with MATcelerate

MATcelerate ZERO are actively seeking collaboration with five prominent companies operating in materials-intensive industries with robust ties to the UK. To be valued industry partners, they look for organisations that are:

  • Committed to innovation in their pursuit of net-zero objectives.
  • Willing to commence the pilot phase in 2024, demonstrating a readiness for prompt engagement.
  • Ready for a dedicated three-year commitment to our collaborative journey.
  • Willing to invest £1 million per industry partner over the course of three years.
  • Prepared to contribute team members to actively participate in the MATcelerate Zero Investment Committee and relevant projects.

Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future as MATcelerate Zero leads the way in reshaping industries and propelling the global transition to a carbon-neutral landscape.

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