Mi-Trial, a new company which has developed an innovative clinical trial companion system and app, has recently spun out from the University of Manchester with support from Elaros 24/7 Limited, Medicines Evaluation Unit Limited and the University of Manchester Innovation Factory.

Founded by Professor Alex Horsley and Professor Jacky Smith, Mi-Trial’s clinical trial companion system and app have been designed to meet the needs of both trial participants and those managing trials while reinforcing the trial’s integrity.

In addition to the patient-facing app, which securely replaces the multiple pieces of paper traditionally used by trial participant and also provides reminders and updates, Mi-Trial utilises a portal to manage trial scheduling.   The portal allows flexible scheduling of study protocols and avoids scheduling errors while reducing deviations.  Perhaps most conveniently, the portal allows a robust communication channel between the parties involved in the trial.

Developed by experts in trials design and delivery as well as innovators in software design and usability, Mi-Trial will streamline the trial process, reducing visit errors and data wastage while saving time and costs for both trial centres and sponsors.

Professor Alex Horsley, Mi-Trial Chairman, said:

“Mi-trial was borne from direct experience of recruiting patients and running trials, and an appreciation of the needs of trials volunteers. Our aim was to make it easier for patients to follow trial protocols and by doing this to reduce the impacts on trials units and sponsors of protocol deviations. The partners in Mi-trial have all brought unique perspectives and a deep understanding of different aspects of trials and app development. By combining these experiences we have managed to create something that we believe will make a huge difference to patients and sponsors.”

David Rogers, Mi-Trial Chief Financial Officer, said:

“We have built Mi-Trial to address the needs of patients and trials organisations, with specific objectives of helping patients improve trial adherence. This is a vital part of trial integrity:  if a primary outcome is affected, this can cost potentially many thousands of pounds.

“The app was conceived to meet this need by being an essential aid to trial participants whilst the portal has been designed to cope with the full range of complex trial designs. These components have been brought together in a single, highly flexible, system which is easy to use and access.”

Professor Paul O’Brien, Elaros CEO, said:

“ELAROS is delighted to be part of this exciting new venture where we can bring our extensive experience of developing clinical and research platforms and patient-facing apps into the clinical trial space. ELAROS’s recent relevant experience has been in developing and launching a Long COVID clinical and research platform, with a patient facing app which is now being used by 35 NHS trusts. These experiences and expertise will be brought into Mi-Trial Limited and will support the deep clinical trial experience that the other two partners bring to this new venture.”

The Mi-Trial system is available on iOS, Android and as a web-based app. To find out more about Mi-Trial, visit www.mi-trial.com.

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