NWEH Limited, global leaders in real world trials technology, announce private investment from Clive Meanwell and Chris Cox, internationally recognised pioneers in streamlining the development and implementation of evidence-based therapeutics. Clive is a co-founder of Population Health Partners, an investment firm focused on innovative therapeutics with the potential to transform health outcomes for populations, using technologies which enable product development efficiency and disruptive business models. Clive is Vice Chairman of BB Biotech and was formerly CEO of The Medicines Company which was acquired by Novartis for its ground-breaking drug Inclisiran. Chris, also a co-founder of Population Health Partners, is a leader in life science mergers and acquisitions, and was formerly Chair of Cadwaladers’s corporate financing practice.

Clive Meanwell said: “NWEH’s advanced systems and tools enable the critical task of identifying and recruiting the right patients at the right time so that they can have the opportunity to participate in clinical trials – for regulatory approvals and for implementation science. Investing-in and working strategically with NWEH is an important opportunity to generate valid life-science evidence efficiently.”

Chris Cox said: “NWEH’s outstanding management, team and board are moving forward with a cutting-edge technology platform which we believe will become a key ingredient in the therapeutics investigative recipe book. For our population health investment strategies, we believe such capabilities are central to our purpose to improve global health and our mission to create alpha for some of the most sophisticated healthcare investors in the world.”

Martin Gibson, CEO of NWEH said: “Clive has seen first-hand the benefits which the NWEH approach offers to streamlining both drug development and crucially, the rapid uptake of new medicines into healthcare systems.”

Chris Molloy, Chairman of NWEH said: “The company welcomes Clive and Chris as investors. They share our vision of focussed, private sector technology leadership in this emerging field, and the global opportunity that our current pipeline reflects. We look forward to a long and successful relationship.”

About NWEH

NWEH achieved global recognition in 2016 by providing the technical solutions for the world’s first pre-licence trial using electronic healthcare data directly from source to support safety and outcomes to regulatory standards (the Salford Lung Study, SLS). Since our inception NWEH have worked with the majority of leading pharma organisations and more recently medical technology and diagnostics companies to accelerate their product development and implementation programmes.

Our technical solutions have developed significantly since the SLS with a suite of products that provide rapid trial design, feasibility and recruitment using real world data and a flexible modular real-world trials platform that delivers regulatory standard trials using data directly from source to support phase 2b studies through to long term implementation and registry follow up.

NWEH are the only UK member of the world-leading, US-based NESTcc consortium. In the UK our Manchester UK based team work closely with our local NHS and academic communities and are technical partners in the DISCOVER-NoW Health Data Research UK hub in NW London.