Curapel introduces their latest product, Pellamex – a breakthrough nutritional supplement for dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin

Curapel, a spinout company from the University of Manchester, proudly presents Pellamex, a revolutionary nutritional supplement that strengthens and restores dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin. Developed through extensive research by Dr. Neil Gibbs, a distinguished skin biologist from the University of Manchester’s Dermatological Sciences group, Pellamex is now available in an effervescent tablet form.

Dermatological studies conducted at the University of Manchester reveal that Pellamex, with its patented and highly effective formula, significantly benefits dry and irritated skin, while reducing the need for steroid creams in patients with eczema-prone skin. This ground-breaking product, categorized as a unique and patented formulation, targets dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin without the side effects associated with steroid creams.

The new dissolvable effervescent tablet format is not only easy to use but also familiar to customers, minimizing the need for additives and preservatives while delivering a refreshing and fruity drink.

glass with pink liquid in it nex to a tube of 'pellamex'

Efferescent tablets – we’ll drink to that!

According to Dr. Peter Luebcke, CEO of Curapel, the company has received exceptional unsolicited testimonials from satisfied customers, such as Rose and Dev, who have experienced transformative results.

Rose says, “It has been the only product in over 10 years of intense searching that has been truly effective for eczema. Such a precious product.”

Dev adds, “I have tried every cream under the sun, the past year I’ve basically been a test subject for every single thing out thereuntil I tried this supplement, the only thing that has worked for me.”

Unlike traditional products for dry, eczema-prone skin, Pellamex works with the skin’s biology to strengthen and restore the skin barrier. The active ingredient, a natural amino acid, acts as a key building block for filaggrin, a crucial skin barrier protein.

Filaggrin plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy skin barrier, especially crucial in today’s increasingly polluted world. When filaggrin fails, the skin barrier is disrupted, leading to dry skin, irritation, and eczema. Pellamex’s active ingredient helps skin cells produce filaggrin, reaching the entire skin area as a nutritional supplement. Additionally, by supporting filaggrin, Pellamex helps maintain healthy skin hydration.

Dr. Neil K. Gibbs FRSB, the founder of Curapel and a respected skin biologist from the University of Manchester, states, “After extensive research and clinical validation, we are delighted that the Pellamex technology is now helping people with dry, eczema-prone skin and even assisting them in reducing their use of topical corticosteroid creams.”


In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the effects of Pellamex active supplementation in atopic dermatitis demonstrated a remarkable 40% reduction in symptoms over an 8-week period. Professor Mike Cork, Professor of Dermatology at the University of Sheffield, commented, “This is the largest effect of any treatment affecting the skin barrier in atopic dermatitis that I have seen in a clinical trial. Seriously impressive effects.”

You can take control of your skin with Pellamex and experience healthier, stronger skin that is transformed, less dry, irritated, and sensitive.

A single tube of 14 Pellamex effervescent tablets, lasting one week, is available for £14.99, with discounts on orders of multiple tubes at 

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