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Taking on two devastating immune system diseases, AMD and GA, Complement Therapeutics Ltd is developing new strategies to enhance one of the most promising areas in patient care

The complement pathway – part of the immune system that assists antibodies in attacking incoming pathogens – is rapidly becoming one of the hottest targets in therapeutics.

Its role in the onset and progression of geographic atrophy (GA, or dry age-related macular degeneration (dry AMD)) has highlighted modulators of complement as the first realistic candidates for treatment of this indication which currently does not have any licensed therapeutics.

AMD is expected to affect over 60 million people by 2026 and support a market of over $10bn. New therapeutics for GA will drive growth in this market, with sales potential for efficacious therapies expected to reach $2.4bn.

Immunostaining of the sub retinal space featuring Bruch’s membrane and choriocapiliaris

In GA, the complement pathway is hyper-activated, triggering a cascade of pro-inflammatory signals leading to increased inflammation, cell death and disease progression. A growing body of evidence suggests that regaining control of the complement pathway amplification loop will stop progression of early AMD and GA.

Complement Therapeutics have developed two complementary therapeutic candidates targeting hyper-activation of complement with different mode of actions, offering distinct approaches to treating individual patients. They are also developing a methodology to stratify patients based on their complement-activation profile as a companion diagnostic.

The team’s strategy is to progress all assets through pre-clinical development. These results will enable them to prioritise the asset most aligned to our desired target product profiles and to define a clinical development strategy.

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