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Cedyr Limited  is creating modular power systems for OEMs that make the smart electrification of products simple

This will be vital because global electricity demand is projected to more than double during the journey to Net-Zero 2050. This is due to “mass-electrification”, where established products across various industries are being redesigned from one-way energy consumption to intelligently managing bi-directional flows between the distribution grid, energy storage assets and energy consuming applications.

Cedyr is focussing on “Off-Highway Vehicles” (e.g. forklifts, airport transit, urban construction) as a beach-head market. The first product offering is a hardware module and software dashboard that streamlines fleet management logistics for both lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery powered vehicles. This new battery management system provides a number of unique benefits including:

  • Longer battery life: Ultra-low power consumption in idle mode, while continuing battery monitoring
  • Reduced BOM and engineering costs: Unified architecture simplifies OEM’s supply chain and product design
  • Future proof: Reprogrammable power module: firmware updates instead of hardware replacements
  • Safety & reliability: No single point of failure and advanced IoT security
  • IoT connectivity: Remote access tracking, monitor usage patterns, diagnose faults, inform product improvements, smart billing and leasing.
  • AI Analytics: Pattern recognition and deep learning algorithms for asset management, to dynamically optimise system performance, and predict battery degradation.
Cedyr Labs team (L to R) : S M Shariar Morshed Rajib (Raj), Samuel Walsh, Wouter Van Verre, Frank Podd

Cedyr team (L to R) : S M Shariar Morshed Rajib (Raj), Samuel Walsh, Wouter Van Verre, Frank Podd

The Cedyr team consists of Samuel Walsh and Frank Podd, both of which are Co-Founder and Directors of the company.  Also involved are researchers S M Shariar Morshed Rajib (Raj) and Wouter Van Verre.

Cedyr Limited are currently applying for grants and matched funding to support development of a product demonstrator system and pilot trials with initial customers. The team would like to engage with investors early on to build a relationship and update on progress with the intention of seeking seed funding once the company has demonstrated product-market fit through pilot sales.

Above: Example of Cedyr’s dashboard

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