Logo of Manchester Imaging.

Manchester Imaging Ltd are bringing the benefits of dental AI technology to dentists and their patients

Based on a collaboration between the School of Dentistry and the Faculty of Imaging Sciences, Manchester Imaging was established in 2014 to focus on preventive dentistry, in particular the development of AI software solutions to identify abnormalities in dental imaging.

AssistDent®, the company’s first commercial product, was launched in 2019 and is being used by community dentists to help them find early signs of tooth decay and by university dental schools to train dental students.

AssistDent AI OFF

AssistDent AI ON

Alongside angel investors, The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund and The University of Manchester, the company has strong financial backing from institutional investors Mercia Asset Management and Catapult Ventures.

A headshot of Tony Travers, Founder of Manchester Imaging.

Tony Travers, CEO of Manchester Imaging.

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