FOTENIX Ltd has developed a cutting-edge imaging system and analytical software to help growers and farmers transform their fields

Food security and scarcity can devastate entire regions around the globe, an issue which may be exasperated by the onset of climate change. There is a growing pressure on food producers to continuously improve the yield of their fields and increase food output, and as such researchers are searching for solutions to consistently increase crop yields.

Their first product, a device that scans plants to detect disease, used by plant breeders.

FOTENIX-enabled farms can spot the early identifies of disease in crops, as data will provide data enabled decisions at the point of production. Quantified ripeness stage improves crop forecasting, reducing over-production, while disease and pest alerts provide informed application timing. This real-time analysis improves harvest quality, as well as the shelf life of produce, helping to reduce waste.

FOTENIX offers structural information on crop quality, giving pre-symptomatic disease alerts based on the health of a plant. Using 3D spectral imaging, this laboratory-level analysis simultaneously identifies multiple indicators of plant health, such as nutrient stress, fungal disease, and leaf scorch. This analysis – down to the cellular level – is compact, portable, and cost-effective.

Quantified and extended differentiation enables improved variety selection, reducing total cycles time and reducing operational costs. With online plant information, systems can adjust irrigation, nutrient and light levels optimising yield quality.

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