SmartIR’s innovative tiles have ability to control visible colour and infrared light creating limitless applications

Dynamic infrared patterns, thermal management solutions, and adaptive camouflage systems are just some the developments enabled by the manipulation of infrared light.

SmartIR Ltd. was founded to develop a commercial pathway for a patented graphene technology for adaptive emissivity and absorption of infrared (IR) and visible light. To date, SmartIR Ltd has developed a portable demonstrator unit capable of masking or reflecting thermal radiation. They are developing smart coatings and electro-optical devices enabling real-time dynamic control of infrared emissivity and visible colour.


SmartIR Ltd is currently developing a flexible, lightweight, and switchable graphene-based tile system for coating surfaces to control infrared emissivity and visible colour across a broad spectrum. Tiles enable control of thermal radiation on demand and can be connected together to cover large surfaces and controlled on a tile-by-tile basis. Initial demonstrators have been produced embedded into textile, plastic, and various substrates at 10x10cm scale.

Applications exist across the aerospace, defence and domestic sectors, with a primary market opportunity surrounding supporting thermal management solutions in the growing sector of NanoSat and MircoSat deployments.

There is a strong market pull for lightweight, flexible, thermal control systems for integration into nano- and microSatellites. This technology can be used for space suits to regulate the body temperature in the harsh environment of outer space.

a picture of the earth from space and a satellite cube with graphene tiles on it in the foreground.

Thermal shielding for satellites

In addition to aerospace, ATT also has application into thermal signature management for increased survivability and force protection against set-and-forget style weapons systems which target heat emissions for course guidance. Similar concepts to the ATT exist in the market deployed by defence primes such as BAE; however, these systems are bulky, energy intensive, and less well suited to mobile applications.

Additionally, thermal identification patches are currently employed by infantry and vehicles to recognise friendly forces in the field. The existing technologies are static, hence, more vulnerable to falsification. The SmartIR ATT is capable of producing dynamic infrared patterns and signals that can be updated with a miniature peripheral electronic circuit.

SmartIR Ltd is seeking fundraising, investment, contract research, and joint development opportunities in the fields of aerospace and associated markets across thermal management and thermal signature management applications.