MicroBioSensor is a medical device company manufacturing point of care diagnostics for bacterial infections

MicroBioSensor has transformed conventional laboratory microbiology through the creation of inexpensive, disposable in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs) called MicroBioSensors. The company’s focus in on addressing unmet diagnostic needs in vulnerable patient groups, including the frail elderly and patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis therapy.

The company’s innovative technology can alert when high levels of cells, associated with an infection, are detected, and can indicate which drugs are most likely to be effective. This streamlined process reduces the time in which a patient must wait for effective treatment.

An x-ray of a human chest.

MicroBioSensor diagnostics are simple to use and understand.

Through highlighting the most effective options for treatment, MicroBioSensor technology will provide the necessary cure for a world in which there is an increasing antimicrobial resistance.

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Clare Arkwright
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