Ice Nine Ltd is a spin-out business which specialises in innovative robotic solutions, in industries ranging from nuclear decommissioning to research and education

The MONA is a small open-source robot developed by University of Manchester researchers to investigate collaborative and swarm robotics through formation control and automated behaviours. The base robotic platform consists of 5 x IR proximity sensors and 2 x brushed DC motors with encoders, offering high-precision control and obstacle avoidance.

Programming of the MONA can be completed using the common Arduino eco-system, known and used by a wide-range of engineers, hobbyists and makers alike, offering a wide knowledge-base for software troubleshooting, independent of the hardware system, whilst the open-source nature of the system enables collaborative development and progression.

There are very few alternatives to the MONA platform in the market, with required functionality not always available. The MONA balances this functionality and performance with cost-effectiveness. Designed to be adaptable and modular, a series of “add-on” or daughter boards have been designed and developed to increase functionality.

A computer chip designed by Ice Nine Ltd, to be added on to the MONA robotic platform. Six MONA robotic platforms in a circle.

Further boards could also be developed to further increase or modify behaviour dependent on customer requirements. Examples of add-on boards include, wireless-charging, long-range proximity sensors, light sensors and further communications channels.

The MONA is an adaptable, easy to use and low-cost device that has potential as a research tool or as an educational tool in University Engineering labs, industry, A-level/GCSE electronics and Design Technology students.

Matthew Nancekievill, CEO of Ice Nine, said: “The MONA will transform how education and research will be undertaken – from formation control to education of the future generation of engineers.

“This will vastly improve research capabilities and integrated education, but also save customers money because MONA can be adapted to your needs.”

The MONA Features Include:
• High precision speed control
• Obstacle avoidance
• Various communication interfaces
• Add-on boards, such as wireless charging, light sensing, IMU and more.
• Low entry-barrier to use
• Open-source

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