Thanks to a myriad of scientific and technological advances happening all over the world, humans are living longer than ever before

Unfortunately, this increased life expectancy is accompanied by an increased possibility of contracting age-related disorders including cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the increased susceptibility to viral infections for older people.

Recent scientific studies show that the pathology underlying of all of these conditions is related to a build of senescent cells in older people. Historically, cellular senescence is defined as an ‘irreversible state where cells can no longer divide’, although recent discoveries in this field have unearthed new insights into the more sinister properties of senescent cells. This has produced a growing demand for novel treatments which can eliminate such cells and thus provide a revolutionary alternative for preventing the aforementioned age-related disorders.

Ravan Bio is addressing this need.

The co-founders of Ravan Bio, Prof Ian N Hampson and Dr Lynne Hampson bring with them over 40 years of scientific, clinical and commercial knowledge and have developed a portfolio of scientific papers and intellectual property which are currently being commercialised extensively.

The findings of these studies will help identify and re-purpose combinations of existing drugs and nutraceuticals to treat age-related conditions by targeting senescent cells. In addition, any combinations which show this activity will also be investigated for their ability to directly target cells from both adult and children’s cancers.

Using this approach, Ravan Bio will provide a bespoke screening platform to identity potential new treatments and then use their extensive clinical knowledge and network to rapidly transition promising candidates from the lab bench to clinical trials.