SenTraGor is an innovative, easy-to-use reagent for the reliable detection of Senescence in cells

An increasing number of research laboratories study the significance of cellular senescence in health and disease. Evidence is pointing to a crucial role in ageing, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neuro-degeneration amongst many indications. Detecting cell senescence is becoming crucial in understanding disease pathology.

Current methodologies for measuring senescence are unreliable, technically challenging and limited in the type of tissues that can be tested.

SenTraGor’s key benefits are:

  • Ease of use and flexiblity
  • Can be used on any tissue (fresh, frozen, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE)).
  • Easy to follow protocol
  • Clear read out through multiple modalities
  • Allows double staining with other widely used immunohistochemical markers


  • Direct detection of lipofuscin – hallmark of cellular senescence
  • Strong correlation between SenTraGor staining and validated senescence markers (SA-β-GAL, Ki67,SBB)2
  • No background staining in normal or non-senescent cells
  • Fewer instances of false positive/negative results
  • Sensitivity
  • Detection of lipofuscin granules without need of high magnification
  • Easy discrimination vs background debris
  • Easy identification of lipofuscin granules in hard-to-read samples (e.g. FFPE samples)
Different samples of tissue with SenTraGor staining.

Comparison with competing technologies

Comparison of SenTraGor with other technologies.


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