Advanced membranes and innovative filtration systems for the production of valuable minerals and clean water

This University of Manchester spinout is able to treat highly concentrated water –  its core technology spans mineral extraction, concentration, and crystallisation. This is initially being utilised for primary lithium production from sub-surface waters and industrial brines. In addition, the company is specialising in the recycling of spent lithium-ion batteries, which is essential for enabling the transition towards a Circular Economy.


With a focus on sustainability, environmental protection, and remediation, as well as cost efficiency and reduced carbon emissions, the team is developing critical applications that can filter and clean water across multiple industries, producing saleable and valuable commodities such as lithium and other high-value metals in the process.

The EV Transport Revolution

A critical element of the transition to Net Zero is the electrification of transport and the use of lithium-ion batteries. 

Watercycle Technologies’ direct lithium extraction and crystallisation (DLEC) technology can sustainably, and cost-effectively produce lithium carbonate to supply this accelerating transition, improving the environmental credentials of industry participants. 

The Future of Economics

Earth’s natural resources are finite and the need for recycling is ever more evident. 

Sustainability means more than just transitioning to renewable energy. To maintain a balanced planet and adhere to climate change protocols the world needs to de-carbonise and all resources used must be renewable. Watercycle Technologies is focused on creating a circular economy. 

Water, the most valuable commodity

71% of earth’s surface is covered by water and yet, less than 1% of this is suitable for human consumption.

Their technology can treat even the most complex water, extract valuable commodities from it and most importantly, make it drinkable. The Watercycle Technologies’ model means that they can filter/desalinate water and assist in tackling global water scarcity in all its forms. 

Low angle of young white man standing on stage presenting

Sebastian Leaper presents Watercycle Technologies at the Investor Conference 2022

The company was founded by Seb Leaper, a former PhD student at The University of Manchester who, along with Chief Technical Officer, Ahmed Abdelkarim, has developed a deep understanding of water treatment and membrane technology.

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