Harnessing An Intrinsic Protective Protein: The Missing Link For Healthy Ageing

Link Biologics is developing Link_TSG6, a protein biological, to treat common inflammatory and degenerative disorders of the ocular and musculoskeletal systems

More than a billion people suffer from chronic diseases that reduce their quality of life due to inflammation and tissue degeneration. Link Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop Link_TSG6 as a treatment for the life-limiting effects of common inflammatory and degenerative disorders and thereby promote healthy ageing. Link_TSG6 is based on TSG-6, a naturally occurring protein that is made in all of our organs and tissues in response to inflammation and trauma. TSG-6 has been found to mediate many of the immunomodulatory and reparative activities of human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

Link_TSG6 has a unique and potent combination of anti-inflammatory and tissue protective properties allowing it to be used in a broad range of diseases. Our initial focus is on dry eye disease (DED) and osteoarthritis (OA), conditions for which there are currently inadequate treatment options.

Our work in pre-clinical models has shown that Link_TSG6 has the potential to:

  1. Treat the corneal lesions and eye irritation/dryness associated with moderate to severe DED more effectively than existing drugs
  2. Be a unique treatment for symptomatic knee OA, slowing the progression of cartilage damage and reducing pain, thereby improving quality of life and delaying the need for joint replacement surgery

Link_TSG6 has potent disease-modifying effects, with routes of delivery and dosing regimens that would be clinically applicable.

We have a well-developed, scalable method for cost-effective production of the recombinant Link_TSG6 protein, which has good stability and solubility.

Link Biologics owns a large body of pre-clinical data on Link_TSG6, as well as multiple patents and confidential knowhow with respect to manufacturing.

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