Fay has 15 years’ experience in the field of commercialisation, business development and innovation management, technology commercialisation, IP management and licensing.

Following the completion of a Masters Degree in biological science research in 2005, Fay worked as a research technician supporting pre-clinical trials that were related to her Masters research at the University of Auckland.

After a few years in the lab, Fay decided to move into the commercial side of research and got a role as an account manager for In Vitro Technologies. Fay was then offered a role as Account Manager in GE Healthcare – Auckland, NZ.

Fay’s roles in industry were pivotal in providing real world experience in the application of research and innovation. In early 2010 Fay decided to go back to the innovation world, and actively take part in the practical commercialisation of research and innovation output. She joined Auckland University of Technology (AUT) as Technology Development Manager in 2010, followed by City University London, as an IP and Commercialisation manager in 2012 and Royal Hollway University of London as Knowledge and Technology Transfer Manager in 2019.

Fay’s work in innovation management has spanned across diverse sectors ranging from life sciences to cybersecurity and structural engineering.

At the UoM Innovation Factory, Fay is driving commercialisation of innovation from LS , and the strategic business development for spinouts.

Fay's involvement