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CareLoop Health’s mission is to transform mental healthcare using software to predict problems, prevent escalation, and personalise care

Watch this video for an introduction to CareLoop Health:

There are an estimated 65 million patients worldwide who are affected by a serious mental illness. These patients suffer from a dramatic reduction in life expectancy and low employment rates. Treating individuals with severe mental illness is incredibly costly, with most costs incurred by unscheduled in-patient care resulting from relapse.

CareLoop Health is a spinout from The University of Manchester with a mission to transform healthcare for people living with severe mental illness. The company is developing digital therapeutics, by coupling a remote symptom monitoring platform with predictive algorithms. This platform is scalable and adaptable for a wide range of diseases.

CareLoop Health’s software solutions are backed by 10 years of academic and clinical research conducted in the University. In the latest randomised control trial, CareLoop Health’s platform reduced the one-year psychosis relapse rate for patients with schizophrenia, from 46% to 24% (Gumley et al., 2022). This is the first time that an intervention has been shown to reduce relapse rates since the long-acting antipsychotic drugs in the ‘70s.

The company is led by a high-profile team of innovators with experience in delivering digital mental health products to markets. The Directors comprise commercial, clinical, and data science experts, who have joined forces to improve the lives of patients with severe mental illness.

Photo showing 5 people standing in a semi circle smiling in front of brick wall (The CareLoop Team)

The CareLoop Health team (from left to right): Prof. Shôn Lewis (Chief Medical Officer), Dr Pauline Whelan (Chief Technology Officer), Prof. John Ainsworth (Chief Product Officer), Zoë Blake (Chief Executive Officer) and Prof. Sandra Bucci (Chief Scientific Officer)

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