As a response to a growing, global issue, healthcare providers are seeking to improve mental health care by responding to individual needs and mitigating adverse events

In today’s world, care is moving to community settings with extremely limited resources.  That is why professionals are actively seeking new technologies that will address these clinical, financial and increasing population challenges.

CareLoop is providing that solution their three-prong focus: Process, Product, and People. CareLoop is the first product in the world to develop the process of building, validating and testing a platform for smartphone apps in mental health.

What makes CareLoop effective in the treatment of mental health?  They:

  • Work with stakeholders to identify system opportunities;
  • Develop a clinically informed digital solution, co-produced with patients;
  • Evaluate formally in the NHS with feasibility and acceptability studies and randomised controlled trials.

As a result their products are:

  • Designed by engineers, clinicians and patients;
  • Evidence-based: shown to be safe, acceptable and effective;
  • Meet regulatory, safety and clinical governance requirements;
  • Can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

CareLoop’s products are aligned with priorities in the NHS Long Term Plan, emphasising prevention and personalisation, and promoting self-management.  As people, the team members are high profile, well-networked innovators in mental health and data science with over five hundred peer-reviewed publications between them, with close ties to NHS practice, commissioning and policy.

CareLoop is aiming to find new, digital ways to help people suffering major mental health problems at scale.