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Graphene electrode - water molecule splitting

Scientists discover they can pull water molecules apart using graphene electrodes Writing in Nature Communications, a team led by Dr Marcelo Lozada-Hidalgo based at the National Graphene Institute (NGI) used...


Brain implant firm wins £12m funding with Graphene@Manchester nanotech

...brain signals by implanting innovative, flexible nanoscale graphene electrodes, developed in conjunction with researchers at Manchester’s Nanomedicine Lab and the National Graphene Institute (NGI). These signals may then be used...

Projects + Tech

2D Courier: Transporting 2D Materials into Semiconductor Manufacturing

A vacuum-compatible, dry, adhesive-free process for pristine bonding & de-bonding of atomically thin films 2D materials, such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), are key technologies for the semiconductor...

Projects + Tech

Improving elastomers - Grafine Ltd

...graphene nanotechnologies as well as its applications in the manufacturing of other products.   Coloured graphene-enhanced elastomers. The performance of elastomers can be enhanced with nanomaterials. Evidently, the list of...


Manchester’s SmartIR Signs Contract with European Space Agency

...and involve no moving parts.” SmartIR was formed with help from the University of Manchester Innovation Factory by Prof Kocabas, expert in optical properties of graphene, Dr Margherita Sepioni, who...

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Flexible thinking - Atomic Mechanics Ltd

...a range of proprietary sensory, touch-interfaces and actuation devices based on graphene-polymer films. The graphene-polymer film core technology platform utilised by Atomic Mechanics allows the manufacture of flexible film-based devices...


Watercycle Technologies wins Innovate UK grant for lithium extraction

...Graphene and 2D materials. Research team at the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) The ‘Smart’ grant is Innovate UK’s responsive funding programme. It has focused eligibility criteria and scope to...


Independent Review of University Spinout Companies: The University of Manchester Response

...for this important part of the landscape. A recent example of success is: Graphene Innovations Manchester, this month awarded The Spectator’s Innovator of the Year Award for Excellence in Sustainability...

Projects + Tech

Invisibility cloak - SmartIR Ltd

...enabled by the manipulation of infrared light. SmartIR Ltd. was founded to develop a commercial pathway for a patented graphene technology for adaptive emissivity and absorption of infrared (IR) and...


University Partners


Sci-Tron Awarded Innovate UK ‘Smart Grant’

...the National Graphene Institute (NGI), to allow Sci-Tron to validate and evaluate resist performance in ISO accredited facilities. Studies of Sci-Tron resists at the Kavli Nanoscience Institute at California Institute...


Nanoplexus: the Manchester SME at the cutting edge of 2D materials

...won the 2019 Eli Harari Award for graphene innovation. Now, as Nanoplexus becomes a Tier 2 partner of the GEIC, chief executive Jae tells the story behind the company and...


Northern Gritstone secures first close of £215m ahead of making its first investments

...These include new treatments for devastating medical conditions, transformative applications of data analytics to farming and exploiting the amazing properties of graphene across multiple applications to name just a few.”...


Watercycle Technologies completes investment round with Aer Ventures

...round led by Aer Ventures. Watercycle Technologies, a spinout of The University of Manchester, has developed a range of advanced graphene-based membranes and systems to extract lithium and other minerals...


World IP Day: Women and IP

...range of 2D materials, including Graphene Maria Illiut, CTO & Founder of Grafine   LinkBiologics Harnessing An Intrinsic Protective Protein: The Missing Link For Healthy Ageing Dr. Caroline Milner, Scientific...

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